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Cuquets operates with an in-school ordering process. Ring and Announcement information is distributed and then our sales team visits schools to accept orders from the students.

Announcements are made at school to prepare students for upcoming visits.


Class ring orders take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. However, many St. Louis area high schools participate in Ring Ceremonies. In these schools all of the students who ordered a ring will receive it at the same time. Ring Ceremony is scheduled by the school administrators.


Orders for graduation announcements and other senior products will be accepted on the in-school order day. Orders will be accepted for a specified amount of time after the order day; however there is a close out period for announcement orders. After the close out date orders can no longer be accepted through our in school ordering process.

Late Order Website

In the spring semester a late order website will be opened to continue senior product and announcement orders. Pricing and products are subject to change from the original catalog. Products will continue to be sold as supply is available.

Championship Rings

Each team and each win is unique. Congratulations!
           Contact our sales team to begin the process of designing your championship ring. Please browse a small sampling of the  styles available.


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